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What Is Facebook Marketing

Facebook is not unknown to anyone. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. 
There are currently 2.27 billion active users on this social media platform. Of these, 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day.

 Then think about how much impact Facebook marketing can have on digital media. According to a report, a person spends 50 minutes on social media throughout the day. 

So in these 50 minutes you can show your business to the whole world with the help of Facebook Marketing.

Hi, I'm Deep. I am your trainer in Facebook Marketing Step by Step Guide. 
In all three episodes, I will train you with the step by step guide of Facebook marketing. Take a look at some of the things we will learn in Facebook Marketing.

How to create a Facebook page?

Getting likes on Facebook
What kind of post can be made on Facebook
How to create a Facebook Marketing (Facebook Marketing) strategy
How to track page results with the help of Facebook Analytics
Facebook ads

No matter what reason you use Facebook, anyone who sees your Facebook posts and engagements will be able to form an idea about you.

 Your choice, your attitude, your thoughts, etc. Facebook is constantly adding professional features to increase their popularity, so that the purpose of LinkedIn is fulfilled on Facebook.

 And so it is. Facebook is now used for more professional reasons than it is for personal reasons. Starting from being a Facebook page to a group, everything is now being managed for professional reasons. 

Many businesses are being run around Facebook. Which we also call F-Commerce. Ecommerce CMS like Shopify has also developed their system for Facebook. And since this is happening, it means that the demand for Facebook marketing will increase day by day. 

There will be an opportunity to develop your career by using the Facebook platform. It could be the use of Facebook marketing skills as an individual, or for your own organization.

How to create a Facebook page?

If you are thinking of creating a Facebook page for your business then you have made the right decision. There are currently 60 million businesses running Facebook pages. On Facebook you click on the create a Page option. Facebook page is your business profile. Usually if you want to be a friend in the profile, you have to send a friend request. If you accept, his name appears in the friend list. Customers will get all the updates of your business if they like the page. However, if you open a profile in the name of your business and page from there, you can do it even if you close Facebook.

Click to create a Facebook page


By clicking on the link above you will see that there are six different categories.

1) Local Business or Place

2) Companies, organizations or institutions

3) Brand or product

4) Artist band or public figure

5) Entertainment

6) Cause of community

The Facebook page should be from your personal account. Although the personal information of your profile will not be seen on the page. Your page will be created based on what you select. Then after pressing Get Started, a new page will open. Here Facebook will give you tips on how to create a page

So those of us who are using Facebook for professional needs or want to do so in the future need to know how Facebook's algorithm works. What kind of content should we create. And without adequate knowledge in these matters, it will never be possible to generate adequate returns from Facebook marketing.

From a business point of view, the general formula of any business is a lot like "The more people the product can reach, the more sales can be generated."

So our first goal of Facebook marketing will be how to reach more people. What kind of content will be more rich if created. Facebook's algorithm depends on engagement. So if you comment on my content, my content will also show up in your friends' newsfeeds. In this way, the more engagement can be generated, the more visibility will increase. The higher the visibility, the more likely the cell will grow.