youtube subscriber for free 2020

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers 

Today I will share with you 7 ways, which if you can use it properly, the viewers of your video will definitely increase. .

1. SEO your video

Make sure your video title, description, and tag are correct. Of course, use some of these words can be found by searching.
Be sure to use keywords in your description. 

Remember video SEO is the biggest strategy to increase your video viewers. Use the keyword in your title that someone will find if you search.

2. Upload a good picture of the video

After you upload the video, YouTube will automatically give you 3 pictures for your
video. If the 3 pictures contain what you want to say, 

then choose the one that is better, and if not, make sure to include a picture that speaks to your entire video.

For example, if you have created a video selling a car, then upload a picture of a good looking car, which your customers will click on your video.

3. Share video link on Facebook

Believe it or not, Facebook is the most powerful medium for link building right now. Share the video you uploaded to YouTube on Facebook.

Promote your video through ads on Facebook, you will get your desired viewers from Facebook. If your number of friends is like 5000 thousand, then think once;

You have more than 5000 friends out of these 5000 thousand friends, only one post of yours from your friend to his friend, from his friend to his friend, 

this way your video will reach thousands of people.

4. Call to Action
Many may not understand this, but it is the easiest thing to do. 

You can invite the viewer to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video - let's say your product is about car sales, then you say - 
if you want to get news of new cars, subscribe to my channel, and keep getting upcoming videos about my new car. 

This will increase the subscribers of your channel, and increase the number of viewers of your video.

5. Make  a web site for your channel

make a web site for your channel. Write reviews of your uploaded videos on the web site every day.

This will increase the visitors of your web site, and with it the viewers of your channel will increase.

6. Advertise your video

Try to advertise videos on your YouTube channel. Use Google AdWords to advertise. This is a medium from which the target viewer will come to your video every day. 

If you advertise your video for ড 2, then at the end of the day the number of viewers of your video will be 50-120, from where your ad will get a minimum of 20-30 clicks.

7. Try creating a newsletter
Try creating a newsletter for your channel once a week. Send well-designed newsletters to your subscribers.

 To send a newsletter, place a newsletter subscribe button on your web site. You will get many subscribers from here. This will increase the video viewers of your channel.


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