Why are twins?

Flowers and children are the most beautiful creations on earth, the most tender, the most innocent. The birth of a child is therefore a matter of great joy for a family. If there are twins in her again, then there is no more talk, as if there is no end to the joy. But this is not so much a matter of pleasure as it is a matter of risk

Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital, a former professor of twin pregnancy. Ratu Romana said twins are of two types. One is those who look exactly the same. Their characteristics are very similar. We call them Identical Twins. Another is that they do not look exactly the same, they look like siblings or they look like sisters or brothers. So the first thing I said is that the identical twin and those who do not look the same or their characteristics may not be the same is the Faternal twin.

He said the cause of the identical twin is not very well known. If a sperm insect is mated with such an egg. When an embryo is formed, if it becomes hard, then it will look exactly like a twin baby. Not much is known about their cause.

Why are twins?

In this regard, Professor. Ratu Romana said that like Faterman twins or siblings, they are being told that there may be some racial reasons. Such as Africans. Africans have far more twins than Asians. In addition, the mother's age is a matter, such as the mother's age is between 30-35, there is a possibility of having twins. Or what we see today is that we see many twins for the drugs that are used to treat infertility.

Because the job of those drugs is to boil a little more eggs. We know that every girl will lay one egg per month after menstruation. A little more eggs are hatched by these drugs. For which they are a little more likely to have twins.

Professor Dr. Ratu Romana added, however, that another scientific reason is that the twin mother's daughter may have twin children. Because there comes a congenital trend. If the mother has that gene, if the daughter has that gene, from which the egg will hatch a little more. Then the mother who has twin children can also have twin children. I mean there is also a congenital aspect. And a pair of bananas or joints

The idea that playing with bananas or having twins is a superstition.

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