how to get out of depression funk


how to get out of depression funk

What is depression:

  Anyone can fall into depression. However, not everyone has the same cause of depression. Depression is just as different as people's lives. Even if a person is sitting on the top of a building, depression can peek into his life. Again, one can spend the day in peace even after eating salty rice. So money has nothing to do with depression.

Ways to get rid of depression:

The first step in overcoming depression is treatment. And with more people in need. It will be easier to get rid of depression if a loved one understands, news, and takes care of the mind, giving him a little resource. Also medication, do not let the body gain weight, give nutritious food, regular exercise should be done. Getting rid of depression is not a problem, the problem is depression. 

When a person is not happy with himself, he puts the burden of his happiness in the hands of others, his welfare depends on others, then people suffer in despair.

 Because you can't control yourself. When someone loves you less you get hurt, when someone says bad things about you you feel sorry, when someone goes ahead with your work you feel guilty, it means you have nothing in your hands, you depend on others as you wish, will. So if you want to get rid of depression, control your mind.