importance of good health in points

There are some things you must be aware of in order to be in good health. 
One of them is - what you eat, how you exercise, 
and how you spend your leisure time. 

This report is based on the scientific method of survival.
Avoid Smoking: 

Quit smoking as much as possible. 

According to a study published in the

 New England Journal of Medicine, smoking can take dozens of years out of your life. 
So if you quit smoking today, what could be better than that for you.

 Maybe you will be able to celebrate your 5th birthday by lighting a candle as you let go of this one.
Eat Regular Fish and Poultry:

Avoid beef and red meat as much as possible, says Professor Thomas Pearl of the Boston Medical Center's Department of Medicine and Geriatrics.

 Red meat is not only associated with cancer risk, fatty red meat can also damage your brain.
He recommends emphasizing on fish and poultry to meet the needs of the fish. However, red meat may be eaten on any occasion or two days a week.
Make a habit of lifting something heavy:

Regularly lift heavy items and try to spend body energy. Exercising with regular dumbbells can help you get the benefits of the 12 types.

This will help strengthen your muscles and bones. Its role is not too small to keep your mind fresh and refreshed. 

According to a study published in the Archive of Medicine, women who have memory problems do much to reduce their weight gain by doing this exercise two or three times a week.

source : risingb