how to remove pimples and black spots on the face

Black spots on the face do not mean sweetness. It is not fair to say that all black spots will be good. However, most black spot treatments have positive results.
black spots on the face
black spots on the face

Reasons for obesity: In many cases the obvious cause is not found, one of the main causes of hormones.
Birth control pills, estrogen hormone intake, pregnancy, ultraviolet rays are one of the major causes of sunburn.
There is no such thing as a birth control pill. 
He has never eaten this pill in his life
but has also been shown to have smear on his face. 
If someone treating black spot has been treated but has not stopped taking birth control pills,
 the chances of getting rid of it are very low.

Types of black spot

Epidermal: exists on the outer surface of the skin. It is possible to achieve complete healing through treatment.

which is present in the lower layers of the skin. The treatment yields very good results.
which is present on the inside and outside of the skin. Many times, the result is not good.

black spot on the face is where it usually is: 

the upper part of the cheek is usually higher. However, jaw, nose and forehead can also be seen. The idea is to test the extent to which the black spot extends to the skin.

Current and modern treatment:

At present, the use of Kadalorp Dharparf and Abusarp Aparf has also started. In many cases, it is also quite beneficial.
This drug destroys the skin's pigment or dyes.
 But if the black spots on the skin come in contact with sunlight, 
then treatment may not be as satisfying.
 Sunblock cream or lotion should be used during outdoor activities during the day.
 The sunblock should be rubbed in the face at least half an hour before leaving.

Dr. Didarul Ahsan
Oncologists, Dermatologists
Al-Razi Hospital, Farmgate, Dhaka.
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