unfollow all people on instagram 2019

Hello, today i will show how to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram
this is 100% working trick 2019.
so lest`s start

1. Download the zip file from the link blew


2 . Extract the zipped file .
After extracting the file you will get 3 another file .

3. Fow double click on the "unfollow.exe" file .

4. After click "unfollow.exe"  file  three popup windows will be opened  for getting permission . 

one after another click "ok".


5. Now you will get instragram login  input box.
 write your insreagram username and password and click login .

6.  After login  click on "stert checker " .

   All done !

if you don't understand by reading article, you can watch our video tutorial blew.


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