How to prevent acidity best way 2019-এসিডিটি প্রতিরোধের উপায়

With the ACD problem we are known to most of the people. Eating a lot of food together is due to excessive smoking and diarrhea. So let's not know if there is some way to remedy ACDT, we can get rid of ACDT.

1. If your body is overweight, then reduce it because the problem of ACD is one of the reasons. If the excess is high the ACDT problem

2. Do not eat heavy food after 7pm, finish dinner at least three hours before sleeping.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking, as well as stay away from caffeine foods.

4. Keep the food more in the food list, it is possible to digest food.

5. ACD is another problem because eating a lot of food together If you have more of the amount of sweets then eat together a few times at a time without having to eat a lot of food at the same time.

6. Try to eat fat and red meat such as cow meat, etc. Try to eat less meat and this will reduce your acidity problem.

7. Avoid eating foods that are acidic in the diet.

8. When you do not eat any kind of food, you will eat only when you are hungry.

Also avoid frozen oily foods and casual meals. Take the advice of a specialist doctor if acidity is high in vegetables and nutritious food.