Foods that reduce gastric pain

Sudden pain, wounds, tension and burns can cause severe pain in any part of the body.

Some of these problems are homemade foods that reduce the pain of eating.
Many suffer from light pain, gastric pain and migraine pain.

There are some foods that can be avoided at home by playing regularly.

1. Yogurt contains an ingredient called micro-flora that helps reduce gastric pain caused by inflammation and indigestion.

2. Turmeric contains a type of natural ingredient called curcumin.
 Its biggest feature is that it naturally works against inflammation.
It can help relieve pain very quickly after being placed in the affected area.

3. Ginger Kuchi eliminates stomach aches and nausea.
In the pain of ginger, mixed with ginger, honey and feed the patient, but there are benefits.

4. Papaya juice plays an important role in reducing the pain of surgery.
 In addition, its antioxidants and vitamins also work to reduce other aches in the body.

5. Cherry serves as a medicine to relieve pain.
The pain caused by irritation is eliminated by playing Dark Cherry.
The pain caused by gastric pain and other irritation will be greatly reduced by eating 20 cherry fruits.

source : jugantor