10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

Kidney is an important part of the body. Kidney disease very harmful body. Normally the symptoms are not well expressed until very complex condition. It is therefore important to know the early symptoms of kidney disease beforehand. Healthy website Health Digest tells about signs of kidney disease.
1. Urinary changes
A major symptom of kidney disease is urinary changes. Urine is more or less in urine problems. Especially in the night this problem increases. The urine color is dark. Many times the urine feels the urine but does not have urine.
2. Urine, pain during 
Another symptom of kidney problem is pain during urine. The symptoms of urinary tract infections are mainly due to pain, irritation during urine. When it spreads to the kidneys, there is fever and pain behind the back.
3. Going blood with urine
It is very risky to have blood with urine. If so, consult a doctor quickly. This is a very important sign .
4. Body swelling
Kidney exposes waste and extra water to the body. If there is a disease in kidney, then there is a problem of getting excess water. Excess water creates swelling in the body.
5. Difficulty paying attention
Reduced oxygen transport in the brain due to decreasing red blood cells. It is difficult to focus on the work.
6. Always feel warm
If there is kidney disease, it also feels cold in hot weather. If there is infection in kidneys, fever may also come.
7. Rash on the skin
When the kidney becomes ineffective, the waste of blood is increasing in the blood. It can cause skin itching and rash.
8. Vomiting or vomiting
Due to the increase of waste material in the blood, kidney disease can cause nausea and vomiting.
9. Small breath
Lung fluid content is accumulated in kidney disease. Apart from this kidney disease also leads to anemia in the body. For these reasons breathing problems, so many people breathe in small.
10. Back pain
Some kidney patients  feels  pain in the body. There is pain in the lower side of the back. This is also one of the signs of kidney disease.